I was reminded today to not open up to anyone regarding my dreams and visions. This straight away took me to the life of Joseph whom his on brothers envied or became jealous of because of the vision he had (Read Genesis 37:11). I learnt that we should be careful whom we share our visions with, because not everyone has our interest at heart. Besides, it will surprise you to know that we live in a dangerous world and wicked people are professionally trained to be kind for us to open up.
They come with the intention of helping you but behind it is an interior motive and the end result is either to discourage you from it or they do everything to make sure that you don’t achieve that vision/dreams.

Beloved i would suggest that in this coming year 2023, if you can learn to keep your dreams and visions from God to yourself until it fully materialise.

Believe me, majority of people that share their vision ended up disappointed because the vision never happened. This is not to scare anyone but to assure you that not everybody deserves to hear your vision especially in the new year. Let people be surprised to see it happen because the person you trust today may be your enemy.

It’s also important for you to understand that the moment you share something with someone you cannot take it back. Come 2023 I want us to protect our vision/dreams from people. Not everything should go on social media, be it your engagement, proposal, relocating to another country for Job or university. It is vital to understand that too much talk 👄 brings disaster (James 1:19). May the Lord help us all in Jesus Name.

SOURCEViolet Chipo
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