Hello babes, hi dear! how are you? Good and you? What you up to today? Nothing much sha! Have you forgotten today is Valentine’s day. Oh Valentine! Any plans! Like? Are you seeing someone? No, I would like to be your Valentines! Be my valentine? Yes I like what I see in you. Mmmmm! Can I give you a ride so I can get to know you better! No don’t worry….. I insist please, OK if you say so.

Innocent girl enters the car and off they go! So tell me about yourself! Man ask – what do you do for a living? Are you currently working or in the university? Woman – I’m actually pursuing medicine in the university of Cambridge! Wow….the man responds. What field do you want to specialise in? Woman responds, I want to be a pediatrician. To cut the long story short, the reach a junction and the man says oh i forgot something in my house….sorry about that. I won’t be long or keep you waiting….can I just pick up something! The innocent girl says OK, no problem. The man drives 🚗 to his house! On approaching his house, the gentleman says I’m coming! He enters his house 🏠, stays shortly and steps out🚶‍♂️and says!!! Please if you don’t mind I need your help with something! Come over please! The innocent girl says I’m running late, but the man insisted and off she jumps out of the car into the man’s apartment. Before you know it the man slams the door and offers the lady a juice to drink🍸. Unknown to her the drink was drugged and shortly after the lady sleeps off. The man commits sexual intercourse with the lady and at early hours of the next day, the lady was shocked with amazement to see where she was!

Ladies, be careful on this valentines day! Many have caught STDs and symptoms of all sort of sexual transmitted disease and on this very day, they are looking for who to share it with. Some have gotten pregnant and had HIV/AIDS just by one contact with a man. Please I urge you to be careful so you don’t get deceived and jeopardise your destiny. Nevertheless the only one that can truly love you unconditionally is Jesus Christ because He died for you. He died to set you free! Sister, i want you to understand that some roses🌹and romance words is just to seduce you to get into your pants and nothing more. Be wise and be extra careful on this so called Valentine’s DAY! Always know that Jesus is your valentine and His the only one that can show you what true love is. Therefore celebrate valentine’s day with the consciousness of God’s kind of love, not the world kind of Valentine’s love. If you are in a relationship/engaged and have a date, endeavour not to compromise your faith, stand your grounds in God. Remember not to cut short cuts all in the name of proving love to your intended spouse to be. God makes everything beautiful in His time, so don’t rush it but do it God’s way!

May God richly bless you all and do have a wonderful day filled with God’s love.


SOURCEViolet Chipo


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