At the beginning of this month of December, I made a decision to study the book of Exodus. I have just read the 1st and 2nd chapter of Exodus and there are many lessons to learn. First and foremost it reminds me of this scripture that says that Christians will be persecuted.

Many of us pass through some hardships or cruel treatment that we cannot even explain that sometimes we feel defeated. We tend to question God why me….However whatever the enemy means for evil, God turns it around for our good. Even the Bible says that in this world there will be trails and tribulations but we ought to be of good cheer (John 16:33). We are all aware in the book of Genesis that the people of Israel had left there home because of famine and came to the land of Egypt were Joseph was. Jacob relocated with his sons and families to Egypt. As a result of this the Israelites passed through alot in the hands of the Egyptians. This was shortly after the new king began to rule Egypt. The new king came up with a policy to enslave the Isrealites with rigor bondage by building cities for the king to put grains and other things, making bricks, mortar and working in the fields.

Despite the Israelites hard work the Egyptians never at any point showed mercy! The Egyptians were threatened by how the Israelites were multiplying to the point of out numbering those of their own national. No matter what the Egyptians did, no amount of affliction could defeat God’s plan for the Israelites. The same applies to all of us that whatever the enemy tries to do, God’s purpose for our life shall stand and no weapon formed against us shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17). Beloved the enemy knows your potential and he sees the greatness inside of you. He will use every means to cause you to give up. May that not be your portion in Jesus Name. Sometimes in life when you see people persecute you, it could be that there is something about you that they cannot stand. That was exactly the case of the children of Israel who were in a strange land. The king could not stand the Israelites population, that was why he put them under his control by making their lives bitter with hard bondage.

Child of God, in that your worst predicament , God’s plan is still working. Don’t give up! I have come to realise that tough times make us stronger if we determine to put our trust in God. No matter how hopeless your case may look like, God is working out His plan for your good.

Furthermore the king came out with a different strategy and that was to kill all the Male babies. This was a way to reduce the population of the Hebrews in growth. Moreover because the Hebrew nurses feared the Lord, they allowed every male child to live.

Many of us here fear men more than God himself. At times we know for sure that this is wrong but because we are spook we do things against our faith to please men. Yes we can presume that the midwives obviously feared Pharoah and his power but they did not fear him more than God himself. However God blessed the midwives with their own families as well. When Pharoah plan didn’t work , he came up with a very radical command which was to throw every male child born into the river Nile.

Every male child was thrown according to Pharoah command except one child whom the mother hid for three months. It got to the point where she could not hid him any more. The baby was put in a basket sealed with tar and placed in the river in a tall grass. This woman indeed had great faith. She trusted God even when she did not know what the outcome would be. The young sister (Miriam) was hiding to see what would happen. Pharoah daughter came to bathe and she saw the basket and asked one of her servants to bring it. Pharoah’s daughter had compassion and agreed for Miriam to look for someone to nurse the child. Guess what…….she brought her own mother! Upon all that she was to be paid!!!! Sometimes God uses wicked people to bring about his Will. This young boy almost didn’t live. The parents (Jochebed and Amran) saw greatness and the feared God and refused to allow the child to be destroyed no matter the kings law. The parents of moses were not mentioned in exodus 1 and 2 but when we get to Exodus 6:20 will see that.

Moses living was the providence of God. Ultimately the mother handed her own biological son to Pharoah’s daughter who then named him Moses because she had pulled him from the water.

Moses was indeed a deliverer of the Israelites. Even after he realized that he was a Hebrew, he became concerned about his own. Moses did not like injustice. When he saw an Egyptian fighting with a Hebrew, he decided to kill the Egyptians and hid him in the sand.

He did not like how the Egyptians treated the Hebrew. Unknown to him in the second attempt of trying to rescue a hebrew and hebrew, one of the hebrews rebuked Moses sarcastically that are you going to kill me as you did the Egyptian (Exo. 2:14). This news might have been very shocking to Moses and when Pharoah heard about it Moses fled to another strange land Midian because Pharoah was seeking his death. Even when he relocated to a strange land, the anointing of God was still upon him. He helped the seven daughters of the priests get water when some shepherds drove them away. As a result of his service, it led to his marriage and sojourn in the Midian (the daughter of Reuel named Zipporah marries Moses). Later the king died and that did not still stop the slavery of the Israelites. They were still forced to work hard until God heard there cries and decided it was time. He sent Moses to deliver the Israelites. We will take off again another time on what happened afterwards. Please whatever you are passing through just hold on to God and keep trusting him. Whatever the case may be is not permanent but temporary. When you feel God has forgotten you, remember that He doesn’t do things according to our schedule. God is in control and he will work things out for our good. The most important is to have a relationship with God. A life without christ is a life of crisis. If you are reading this write up and you haven’t given your life to Christ it’s not too late. You just need to come as you are and ask God for forgiveness and to cleanse you from every unrighteousness.

God is a merciful God and it’s not too late! Embrace the Lord Jesus Christ today.


SOURCEViolet Chipo



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