Having studied the book of Job, it has humbled me to trust God more and to never live a life of grumbling and complaining. Many of us here can attest to having experienced peculiar sufferings that we tend to question God, why me? I believe everything that happens in life, happens for a reason. Trials are meant to strengthen us and not break us. This young man named Job went through alot. He was an upright man, blameless with a good character who feared God. He was married and had seven sons and three daughters. He lived in abundance and had all the wealth (Job 1:2-4)

Satan believed that if God took away Job’s wealth, job would curse God. God allowed Satan to test job but with a condition not to hurt him (Job 1:12)

Job was completely bankrupt, he lost his children, houses, animals and crops. He never cursed God after losing all this. His integrity stood firm, and he praised God despite the situation. Job’s wife was not supportive in any way. She rather wanted the husband to curse God and die!

Oh my God, many of us here would be like….how can a wife think that way! Instead of her standing in the gap to encourage the husband, she comes from a defensive side. Beloved brethren, It’s very easy to love God when everything is moving well in life without challenges. God wants us to voluntary love Him in good and in bad times. Despite the excrutruiting and momentary trouble, Job refused to listen to the wife and he continued to worship God. Satan who is the accuser of brethren went back to God. God told Satan, I told you my son job will not curse me. Then Satan came up with a different idea and that was to temper with jobs health.

Job still did not curse God but cursed the day he was born. His friends then heard about his affliction. Instead of his friends standing with him in prayer, they began to criticise him. They did not help the situation but made it worse for him. They kept analysing and presumed to know the mind of God in his suffering. They said he needed to repent, that he had sinned and God was punishing him. This was a man they knew to be righteous and was found blameless. Nevertheless job did not suffer because he was ungodly like his friends assumed. His suffering was as a result of his uprightness. The question we all need to ask is if I was job’s friend, how would I respond to this agony that was beyond all proposition? The Lord expects us to be supportive in a loving way without been judgemental, insensitive, arrogant etc. We must endeavour to give an encouraging word and be mindful of what we say.

Besides, I have come to realise that not every problem is as a result of sin. Some afflictions we go through is to test us! It could be to make us to become a better version or maybe to change our character or make us to become humble. In Job’s case because he had the wealth one would assume maybe his serving God because of materialistic things, but that wasn’t the case. Moreover being a Christian does not mean you won’t suffer. Trials will always be there no matter the race and therefore we will be tested!

If your faith cannot be tested in adversity then your faith is not real. We must be able to stand hardship no matter what. If Job could pass the test then we can overcome every challenge and have victory. Often times we Christians get discouraged when we are under attack. As a result of that our countenance changes. The question is how do we conduct ourselves while tested? Our behaviour speaks alot and it will determine if our blessing will be released or not. I have come to realise that Character is not made in crisis, it is revealed. It shows what you really are. Please beloved the man of God David Ibiyemie said sometime that character is what you are in dark when no one is supervising you. He also said you can have Charisma but if you lack character, you will end up in disaster but that will not be our portion in Jesus Name. You need to watch your character in the midst of storms. No matter the storm God still remains God. Job prayed a prayer that was touching, that even if you slay me I will not let you go. What a powerful prayer!!!

To sum up, there are many lessons to learn from the life of Job. Please beloved, if I have left out something I have not mentioned that you feel is important, please feel free to share your thoughts as it will be highly appreciated.


SOURCEViolet Chipo



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