The book of Daniel is seen to be one of the profound and interesting books in the Bible. This great young man maintained his faith by refusing to compromise despite what confronted him. Wow….alot of incredible lessons to learn. Can you imagine you living in a City where you are forced to bow down and worship the god of the land? Imagine you having to lose your integrity in order to be promoted in your workplace? etc. What a life! These are the kind of things many of us go through in this dispensation. We tend to compromise our faith as Christians to be accepted by the society. Daniel was not moved at all, he stood his grounds and wasn’t afraid because he was confident that God will rescue him. Besides, even if God was not to rescue him, he purposed in his heart not to worship other gods (idols).

Daniel and his friends who were captured as slaves were employed by Nebuchadnezzar to work for him. Nebuchadnezzar came from the city of Babylon and took over. He offered the boys the royal food to eat but the boys refused the food because they obeyed God and had nothing to do with idols. The Babylonians and Nebuchadnezzar did not worship the one true God. They worshipped idols and false gods. Moreover, Daniel came up with an idea to eat vegetables and water for 10 ten days. His request was accepted by the guard who was put in charge of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah.

Daniel and his friends were healthy after eating vegetables/water and had great wisdom than the other boys who ate the royal food.

The reason why Daniel and his friends had great wisdom was because they obeyed and depended on God. They determined not to defile themselves with the portion of the kings delicacies. As Christians, nothing in this world should stand between us and God. Nothing should take the place of God. Daniel honoured God and never allowed anything to move him. Despite the jealously of others, he never allowed the law imposed on him to affect his prayer life. Even when he was thrown in the lions den, God rescued him and shut the lions mouth. Beloved, God wants us to live for him and if it is not of God, it’s not good!!! Whether we believe it or not, we will obviously come across people in this world that will want us to compromise our faith. We must not compromise our biblical principles no matter what. This reminds me of a recent documentary news I watched were an ambassador of a country asked a president of another country to legalise something that wasn’t accepted in that country. When I watched this news, I was like…what is the world turning into. What a world we live in. I was very impressed by the stand the president took by not compromising his faith, and he stood his grounds not to accept his offer as it against their law. He was unequivocal against such practice!!! I’m very happy that we have great leaders today that know the truth and practice it despite their position in the society. What a great testimony.

Furthermore Daniel’s friends ( Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) were asked to bow down and worship the gold statue that King Nebuchadnezzar had set up (Daniel 3:10). They disobedyed to worship the gold statue. That did not stop them from being punished. They were eventually thrown into the fiery furnace but God stepped into the blazing fire as the fourth man and they came out unhurt. What predicament are you going through child of God? God is there with you to rescue you as long as you trust Him. The Lord is always with those who trust Him. Do you trust Him in that situation? Do you believe that he can turn that captivity to a testimony? Daniel’s friends were bold and confident beyond all measures. They demonstrated a powerful faith and God showed himself.

My beloved brethren I can go on and on but just to sum up, I just want each and everyone of us to be like this great man Daniel/friends who maintained their integrity, devotion to God irrespective of the situation etc. We need to be careful to avoid been brainwashed so we don’t lose our integrity. Anything that will take away the presence of God in your life is not needed. We must not forfeit what is accepted in the sight of God. Let’s be cautious by worshipping the only true God (Adonai) and let’s not allow anyone indoctrinate us into their custom that is against our faith.


SOURCEViolet Chipo


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